Ribs and spine

i'm Arrkal, this is my art and doodle blog

bloomvu asked: hey! i just wanted to say that your art is absolutely amazing!! and i was wondering if it's okay that i'm using your drawing of scout as my icon? i linked you on my blog so everyone can see how wonderful your art is!

of course and thank you!

Anonymous asked: You are amazinggg ! I love the expressions your paintings have

thank you!

Anonymous asked: hi im to shy to say this off anon but i wanted to say i love love looove your art, ive been feeling down lately and just looking at your art makes me feel good. youre a big inspiration to me, hope you have a good day!

i’ve been feeling down so i done these arts, and i’m really happy that they could make you feel better

have a nice day!

Anonymous asked: Hi hope you're having a wonderful day <3

hope you have a wonderful week!

xnirox asked: I don't know why I didn't follow you earlier, your art is fantastic!! ;v;

thank you!><